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--> Museum of ZZT: Shades of Gray

Flimsy - heckaroo@hotmail.com
Finished October 17, 2000

The game takes place in a warped, monochrome version of the Town of ZZT

It's by Flimsy

It's hard to find a kit with a red ruffian in it.
You MAY use this game as a base to create other games, provided that credit is given. But basing a game on a game that's already based
on another game is probably a bad idea. Further, you MAY distribute
this package, provided that all accompanying files are included. Or
even without the accompanying files. See what I care.
This text file is (C) 2000 by Flimsy Parkins.

So don't go ripping off my text file, gosh darn it!

Bank of ZZT revealed

Board Names

Title Screen after 1 hour

--> Zeta emulator by Adrian Siekierka

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